You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone.

James Baldwin

You alone can do it, but you cannot do it alone.

James Baldwin

Self-help in groups

Self-organized self-help - what is it?


Self-organized self-help is  the based on the belief that we humans have inherent resources that we can mobilize and deploy when we are experiencing challenges.

We can learn from experiences, including the difficultones, to master the situation and move on. It is always possible to take action, gain better insight and take stronger control of your own life.

Self-help is a process to get to know ourselves better and how we are affected by challenges we face. We can become better acquainted with our coping strategies, develop new understanding and other strategies, so that the challenges are easier to manage. It can also help us figure out what we need to do something about ourselves and what we need the help of others. Bringing about change and recovery requires both time and effort, but can provide better control over your own life.

What do participants say?

How does that happen?

Awareness is made by putting into words what we are experiencing and what it means to us. Some topics are difficult to talk about, including family and friends. Some write down their thoughts and feelings, others seek professional help. 

An option may be to join a conversation group with others; with someone who is in the same boat but is not affected by your situation.

There are different call groups, or self-help groups. Some are led by professionals, others by equals. Some groups are self-organized, that is, participants take a shared responsibility for the group community and meetings after startup. LINK Bergen and the surrounding area are initiators of self-organized groups.

You can read more about how these groups get started here.

What is a self-help group?

Self-organized call groups can be defined as:

"A smaller collection of people who regularly gather to deal with a (common) problem through mutual help and support."

Karlsson, 2006

These groups are a community where you can put into words and learn from your own and others' experiences. Participants support and challenge each other in a process of change. The community can also be understood as a rehearsal workshop. A workshop to try out new understanding, other ways to communicate and handle situations.