You are who you become

Lene Marlin


It is normal to experience challenges in life, and sometimes we need professional help. But we can do a lot ourselves, alone or with others in a self-help group.

A self-help group is a small group of people who meet regularly to share experiences and support each other in a process of change and recovery. Participants meet as long as they need it, and participation isfree.

Read more about the groups and how to participate here.


Do you need to make changes in your life?Then you may want to talk to others, who will also address their situation. In self-help groups, experiences, thoughts and feelings are shared. The goal is to get better and move on.

Read more about the groups and how to participate here


We will give people who want it the opportunity to participate in call groups for mutual support and development, and help relieve public welfare measures.

We partner with government agencies, NGOs, other actors and Self-Help Norway on this. Feel free to get in touch.


Self-organized self-help is  the based on the belief that we humans have inherent resources that we can mobilize and deploy when we are experiencing challenges.

We can learn from experiences, including the difficultones, to master the situation and move on.

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LINK Bergen and surroundings is a neutral centre for self-organized self-help.
We work to ensure that people who want it can participate in a self-help group when they consider that they need it.